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37 yEARS

Established Since 1981
A Minority Educational Society & Trust
ISO 9001:2015 Certified
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  • To ensure sustainable human development which encourages self-reliant and self-content society.

  • To promote activities related to community services, social welfare and also Indian heritage and culture.

  • To develop the culture of simple living and high thinking


  • To impart state of art education and technical expertise to students and give necessary training to teachers to create self-reliant society for future.

  • To encourage students to participate in Indian and International activities in sports, literature, etc. so that future generation becomes base for free and liberal society.

  • To educate students in areas like Computers & Technology, Communication and Human relations to inculcate philosophy of simple living and high thinking value of simple economic society.










Talat High School

Talat Junior College

Talat Urdu Primary School

Talat Girls Primary School

Rose Land English Primary School

Talat Computer Institute

Talat Fashion Designing Centre for Girls

Talat B.Ed. College

Talat D.T.Ed. College

Talat Study Centre

Talat High School

Talat Urdu Primary School

Talat Secondary School

Talat Urdu Primary School

Our work


Various photographs of different Institutes and students

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Talat Educational Society, also known as Talat Shikshan Mandal, was established in the year 1982 by Mr. Mahmood-ur-Rahman Siddiqui and Mrs. Khan Qutabunnisa, with an objective of providing education to the economically, educationally and socially weaker sections of the society. Talat Shikshan Mandal is an Educational society registered under the Indian Society's Registration Act of 1860 and also a Public Trust registered under the Bombay Trust Act 1950. It is also registered under section 12(a) of Income Tax Act 1961 and is exempted u/s 80G of the said act by the Income Tax Commissioner, Aurangabad.

Talat Shikshan Mandal is one of the oldest education organisation of Aurangabad and has done pioneering work in the field of education for weaker sections of the society. Looking 30 years back, the society started with a humble beginning with a primary school in a single room with mere 5 students. With greater hardship and pain, and an aim to spread education among'st the economically backward people, today Talat Shikshan Mandal is serving educational facilities to more than 5500 students spread across various location of Aurangabad under 10 various educational institutions.

The progress and development made by Talat Shikshan Mandal has been duly lauded by various social workers and has been recognized by the Government of India. The society has received many awards for its best work in education including the Rotary club award and the Secretary of the society has been honoured by  'The Best Teacher Award' by the Government of Maharashtra by the hands of Hon. Chief Minister and has been appreciated for the work done by the society in the field of education. The society has become a source of inspiration and a role model to follow for many minority educational institutions across India.

Talat Shikshan Mandal has made great progress in the field of academics, sports and extra curricular activities. The infrastructure with beautiful buildings, well equipped science laboratories, Libraries, Computer Labs etc. has provided the students a good platform for their educational needs.

The society, not forgetting its social responsibilities, always strive to help its country and the citizens by actively taking parts in social works by various means such as by Promoting Adult Education, AIDS awareness, Tree Plantations, National Integration Programmes, Cultural Programmes, Blood Donation Camps, Distribution of Books & Uniforms to poor and needy students etc. The society also contributes to its country in its critical time as it has been doing in past such as by Contribution funds to the Chief Minister Relief Fun for Kargil, Chief Minister's Relief Fun for Killari Earth Quake & Gujarat Earth Quake, Chief Minister's Relief fund 'General'. etc.

Talat Shikshan Mandal provides moral and value education to its students which enhances the personality of our students and develops self-confidence, self-respect, service to society and positive attitude towards life.



  • Spread of Education.

  • Spread of Physical Education.

  • Provision for Technical Education and Guidance to provide employment.

  • Arrangements for Adult Education.

  • To Publish books journals and periodicals in Urdu, Marathi, Hindi, Arabic and English language calculated to promote the objects of the society.

  • To run Hostels for the students and purchase lands for the same.

  • To run Charitable Hospitals for the poor and also provide free medicines to them.

  • Spread of Urdu literature and its improvements.

  • To establish a Well equipped library and reading room.

  • To impart every kind of Education which has directly or indirectly the object or effect of bringing about strengthening, developing of the different groups of people in India for different Territories of India.

  • To enrich Urdu, Marathi, Hindi and other Modern Indian Literature by publishing translations of Important texts as well as by publishing independent and original work.

  • To conduct, manage, guide, look after or supervise other Technical Institutions having objects similar in part or in whole to the object of the society.

  • To accept properties subject to trusts to be held by the Society for General purpose of the Society, or any special trust for any of its purpose either as original or as new Trustees of a Trust property already existing or bare or passive Trustees without undertaking the management or administration of such properties.

  • The benefits from the fund of the Society and/or its institutions shall be available to any person irrespective of his caste and creed.

  • For the above purpose and for achieving  aims and objects constructions/Formation of Schools and Colleges particularly for spread of education in minorities shall be made.

Mr. Mahmood-ur-Rahman Siddiqui



Dr. Khan Qutabunnisa




Help Us help the Poor and Needy by achieving these goals


Our immediate goal is to setup a Charitable Hospital for the poor. We plan to setup and establish a functioning hospital by the end of 2020


The society has planned to establish a Management and Engineering College by 2021. This will depend on the funds availability with the Trust and Donations. 


In order to promote Education for students staying far from our Institutes, we plan to establish separate hostels for Boys and Girls with all amenities.

Watch the Documentary of the Chairman Mr. M.R. Siddiqui to his see his dedication towards the community

Mahmood ur Rahman Siddiqui Documentary

Mahmood ur Rahman Siddiqui Documentary

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Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) said,  Allah (S.W.T) said,

"Spend on charity O' son of Adam, and I shall spend on you."

As a responsible Trust, Talat Educational Society will ensure that every penny you donate is utilized for the good cause in Education and for the betterment of community.

Talat Educational Society holds an FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulatory Account) through which we can accept donations in Foreign currency. Government has mandated the Quarterly Audit of FCRA account, hence, every 3 months we send the Audit report to Govt. Please note that this is only for Foreign Currency Donations and not in Indian currency and funds transferred within India cannot be accepted in this acccount.

The bank account details for donation from outside India is as below:

Name of A/c:  Talat Shikshan Mandal

FCRA Registration Number: 08350043

(Issued by Govt. of India, Ministry of Home Affairs Foreigners Division)

(FCRA Wing)

Nature of Activity: Educational

Bank A/c No: 00000040332763911

Name of Bank: State Bank of India

IFSC Code: SBIN0000691

Address: Shahgunj, Aurangabad (Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar)



Talat Educational Society

1-14-62, Juna Bazar,

City Chowk-Aurangpura Road,

Aurangabad - 431001 (MAH)


Tel: +91-9890960960



Mon - Fri: 7am - 5pm

​​Saturday: 7Am - 2pm

​Sunday: Closed

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